The Film Society welcomes members and non-members to enjoy the spellbinding company of history’s greatest filmmakers. By selecting notable films we hope to extend the general knowledge and experience of film for all cinema lovers.

The Great White Silence
(Herbert G. Ponting, U.K. 1910-1912, released 1924, re-released 2011, 104 mins.)

Led by the ill-fated Captain Scott, the British Antarctic Expedition set sail one hundred years ago - and the awesome images of this filmed record still impress and move us, in the immersive new HD restoration. Specially composed music evokes in digital sound the freezing expanse of polar regions. AS A PRECURSOR TO THE NEW SEASON, ALL EXISTING AND NEW MEMBERS WILL BE ENTITLED TO A £3 ADMISSION!

April 18th 2012:
Singing In the Rain
(Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly, U.S.A. 1952, re-release 2011, 103 mins.)

The pinnacle of the Hollywood Musical, in a beautiful restoration. A movie awash with love of life and love of cinema, that makes a really big splash !

Apr 25th 2012:
Deep End
(Jerzy Skolimowski, U.K. / W. Germany 1970, 90 mins.)
British black comedy of a lad thrown in at the deep end of the hormonal gene-pool. (A far edgier coming-of-age story than 'The Graduate'.)


May 9th 2012:
(Alfred Hitchcock, U.S.A. 1948, 80 mins.)
Every ten minutes in reel-time the noose is Hitched, as an horrific experiment in murder draws to its taut conclusion.

May 23rd 2012:
Black Narcissus
(Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, U.K. 1947, 100 mins.)

A hyper-real Technicolor nightmare of love gone bad. Kathleen Byron's vertiginous turn as the sex-mad and murderous Sister Ruth is the stuff of legend.

June 6th 2012:
Fish Tank
(Andrea Arnold, U.K. / Netherlands 2009, 123 mins.)
Fifteen year-old Mia fights back against life's injustices, in a performance energized by astounding non-professional discovery Katie Jarvis. She was a winner at Cannes.

June 20th 2012:
Juste Avant la Nuit (Just Before Nightfall)
(Claude Chabrol, France 1971, 106 mins.)
A disturbingly masterful film about the dark side of human nature. Morality is as fragile as a woman's neck ...

July 11th 2012:
Rat Catcher
(Lynne Ramsay, U.K. / France 1999, 94 mins.)
A brilliant first film by this young Scottish director, capturing the beauty, terror and confusion of a 12-year-old boy growing up in the deprived Glasgow of the 1970s.

July 25th 2012:
Effie Briest
(Rainer Werner Fassbinder, W. Germany 1974, 140 mins.)

In small-town Prussia of the 1880s a lively young wife is imprisoned behind the creepy surface perfection of bourgeoise society. This glittering film reflects that stifling world.


Aug 15th 2012:
(Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy / France / W. Germany 1969, 110 mins.)
Exotic locations and traditional native music conjure the archaic world where operatic Diva Callas, mask-like and almost mute, is the wronged and dangerous high-priestess.

Click HERE for a highly unusual pop-art original trailer.

Aug 29th 2012:
Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of 'the Gods')
(Marcel Carné, France 1945, re-released 2011, 190 mins.)

Here is the teeming Paris of 1828, wicked, worldly, flamboyant and irrepressibly French ! This was a miraculous achievement under German Occupation, and remains one of the greatest films made anywhere, at any time. Being shown in the new and gloriously restored version.

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